🔨How its made? | Wooden World Map | Wall Art
🔨How its made?

🔨How its made?

When you visiting our store, you see a beautiful Wooden World Map.
A handcrafted piece of art, the focal point of any room.

But how do we make it?
Shh, its a secret, we use witchcraft. 🙂

The following 4 steps will reveal how we managed to create the most desired wall art piece of 2021.

🔸1. Preparations

The plain wooden sheets coming from a nearby sawmill.
First they have to pass quality control, where we are looking for possible damages.
Then we store them in our warehouse, for a few days before they can start the journey of becoming your Wonderful Wooden World Map.

🔸2. Production

This is the most interesting part of the process. We put a wooden sheet into a machine and take out countries and continents of the world.
With cutting edge laser technology, we are cutting the wood into shapes of countries and engraving the country names and markings on them.

🔸3. Assembly

This is the final production step. We are assembling the 3D world maps with super strong industrial adhesive.
This is the reason why your 3D map will pop into the 3rd dimension and give your wall art a unique look.

🔸4. Packaging + final quality control

After finishing the assembling the maps, they are going under a final quality control.
This is necessary to catch any damaged or incorrect parts. that could have ruined your beautiful World Map.
All the parts passing quality control, get carefully packaged and prepared for shipping.

This is how your favorite wall art is made. We pay attention while creating the wall art, that you will proudly own. The quality of our work process makes it possible to offer you a lifetime warranty on your Wooden World Map.


to choose from different colors and sizes of unique and stylish Wooden World Maps!

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