3D Wooden World Map in a Living Room Above a Couch

Create a Sense of Wanderlust in Your Home

  • Handcrafted from Wood
  • Unique Wall Art Piece
  • Conversation Starter
  • Easily Track Your Travels

From Unboxing to Amazing

Choosing a Wooden World Map as your wall art can benefit you in many ways. It will be a long-lasting art piece on your wall, earning you lots of compliments from friends and family. A Wooden Map can be a part of almost any room in your home. Living room, home office, kid's room, dining room, bedroom, you name it.

It all starts with unboxing. After opening the box, you will smell the pleasant scent of wood. This will be your first WOW moment with your new wooden map.
Assembling your map will take 1-3 hours of fun time with family or friends. Just follow the step-by-step instructions included in the package.
When you finished, and take a step back, this is when you'll have your second WOW moment.
Take a few seconds and admire your newest addition to your home decor.

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