Living Room

Your living room is the most common space to have your wall map in.
It's probably the busiest room in your home, so its one of the best places for Your Wooden Map to get you compliments and to spark interesting conversations.

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  • Terra the Universal

    If your are looking for a wooden map with a lighter wooden tone, Terra is the way to go!

  • 5 shades of grey

    Wooden World Map called Nordik is the perfect fir for homes with modern decor styles.

  • High contrast of Multicolor

    Wooden World Map Multicolor is a true attention grabber with its different natural tones.

  • Natural vibes

    Due to the natural tones, wooden world maps and the colors of nature match perfectly.

  • A simple setup

    Your home office only needs to be calm, motivating and accessible for you. Keeping things simple can help a lot.

  • Subtle yet passionate

    You don't need vibrant colors for your Wooden Map. They look good on many different colors, white is no exception.

Natural Wooden Maps

3D Wooden World Map in Multiclor
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  • A 3D Wooden World Map in color Nordik in a Home Office


    Nordik is the best choices if you want a wooden world map with a modern, monochrome look to match your home decor style.

  • Azure

    If you want a wooden map with a uniquely different look, Azure is a great option with it's different blue tones.

  • Cappuccino

    The neutral tones of Cappuccino are combining the color palette of natural maps with the vivid colors of painted wooden maps.

  • Spark their imagination

    Its very important to stimulate kid's imagination and creativity at a young age. Having a wooden map helps a lot with the process.

  • Geography homeschooling

    A wooden world map can make learning geography easier and more fun. You can teach countries and capitals much faster using it as a visual aid.

  • Long lasting wall art

    A well chosen wall art can accompany your kid from a young age to the teenage years and to adulthood.


Decorating your foyer can be tricky. If you want to use something unique, choose a Wooden World Map as your wall art

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  • Light on green

    This is the lightest color in the lineup. Having a darker wall color will make it pop even more, and grab more attention.

  • Nordik on plywood

    The advantages of using a plywood background for your wooden map:

    • Easier to relocate
    • You can choose a uniq background color
  • Light on blue

    Blue is the best background color for wall maps, because it mimics the color of the oceans, creating a unique harmonic vibe.