3D Wooden World Map in Oak Color in a Home Office

🎨Another take on colorful backgrounds

Colorful walls and accent walls are great additions to your home. Depending on the color of your choice, they can brake up a large room, or give your good old walls a well deserved twist. Either way, it's definitely something you should take into consideration if you're ahead of home renovation.

Black accent wall with a twist

Color black for your accent wall probably wont be your first choice, but as the photo above shows, when used properly, black can look amazing in your home.
Combining with lighter, preferably white tones it can steal the show.

Usually we would advise to choose a lighter tone wooden map, color Terra for a black wall. This example is the proof, that these wooden world maps are really versatile.

Look at this map in color Oak. it fits perfectly to this home office corner. It adds a little warmth to this corner, making it a pleasant place to work from your home.

3D Wooden World Map in Light Color in a Kids Room

Not your usual kid's room

This kid's room is all about natural vibes and neutral tones. From the color of the furniture and plants to the accent wall and the Wooden World Map, everything fits in perfectly.

The grey wall compliments the light wooden tones, creating a calm vibe, making it the perfect space for your kid. Not to mention, the wall map can help out with homeschooling. Your kid will admire it, making studying geography so much easier.

3D Wooden World Map in Nordik Color on a Blue Wall

Use monochrome tones like a champ

Decorating your home in a modern style such as monochrome, will limit the decor items you can use, especially if you want to have a Wooden World Map.
Luckily, we have a solution for you: color Nordik.

This color variant was created to provide an option for those with monochrome, black/white home decor color themes. Combining this wooden map with an accent wall, will give you the chance to choose the exposure you want to give your world map. Having it over a white wall will make it pop and grab more attention.

If you want something more subtle, you should choose a grey color, like on the example photo above. This way your wooden map will blend into your decor scheme.


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