3D Wooden World Map in Multicolor in a Natural Bedroom

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Multicolor is one of our best seller, no surprise why. It's modern, yet sophisticated look and versatility given by the different wooden tones making this Wooden World Map easy to fit in most of your homes.

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Look at this bedroom! It's like a slice of nature. All the wooden furniture and accents, the plants and of course the cherry on top, the wooden map tying together the whole room.
In this environment the wooden map is more of a subtle part of the room, than a commanding wall art piece.

3D Wooden World Map in Multicolor in a Cozy Corner

Cozy corner

Sometimes we all love to spend some time with a warm blanket, a cup of tea and a good book. I bet you have your favorite spot for these cozy afternoons and nights.
This is one of our customers' favorite spot to hang out.
It has more of a casual feel to it, due to the various colors and materials used to create this beautiful space.

In this case, the wall map is not in the spotlight, it's almost tucked away in the corner, but still contributing to the atmosphere of the room.

This is why these Wooden World Maps are one of your best choices for wall art.
They have something that every home needs: a positive vibe.

3D Wooden World Map in Multicolor on a Plywood Background

Mount my map on a background?

You should always consider mounting your map on a piece of plywood(etc.).
This will allow you to:

  • Have a different color/texture as background for your wooden map
  • Have the mobility to reposition your wooden map hassle free, anytime you want
  • Easily take your world map with you in case you are moving

This is a great example of having a plywood background for your map. The bright white color creating a higher contrast (compared to the color of the wall) making the map even more noticeable and eye-catching.

Consider colors such as:

  • blue: creates and almost geographical map like effect, because it mimics the color of the oceans.
  • green: naturally matching the brown wooden tones of the world map (wonderful example below).
3D Wooden World Map in Multicolor in a Home Office

Boho style home office

Boho style is one of the most popular interior styles these days. This office is such a great example for many reasons.
Check out the desk and chair combination, the shelves and plants. Isn't it stunning?

Well, lets talk about the obvious: the green accent wall and the wooden map.
The green wall combined with the wooden world map is definitely contributing a lot to this home office's vibe.
Choosing a darker green tone like this, usually would make the whole space darker, but not here. With this amount of natural light you can easily get away with using darker tones.

Another upside of this green is how it creates a high contrast environment for the Wooden World Map. Making the lighter wooden tones are pop, catching even more attention.

It's important to choose your background color wise. Make sure it will compliment your wooden map.


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