🏠Take a closer look at: Oak Wooden World Map | Wall Art
🏠Take a closer look at: Oak

🏠Take a closer look at: Oak

Many of you prefer color Oak. The reason is simple:
Color Oak has a subtle and classic approach to the wooden map. It's not as versatile as a Multicolor map, but if you are looking for a more moderate look it's definitely your way to go.

A cozy corner with a twist

This little corner is all about calm and relaxing vibes. The wooden world map is not just fitting in that atmosphere, but it enhances it. With the matching tones of the armchair and the wooden map and the the greens of the plants creating an all natural look.

This makes color Oak the perfect fit for this space.
Imagine yourself kicking back with a glass of wine and a good book after a long day.

Classy living room

If you look at the picture, you immediately notice the classy vibe of the room. The antique sewing machine, the armchairs and of course the wooden map in color oak. The all matching tones give this space a very sophisticated look.

The two-tone design provides amazing visuals with high contrast colors. This is one of the environments, where color Oak shines the most. Your guests -friends and family- will admire it, you'll get compliments every time.

Dining in style

This is a perfect example of a simple yet attractive dining room. Just look at all the matching colors!
The furniture, even the wall art is matching. Every brown tone is like the other. It gives you the feeling of completeness.

I would love to eat my breakfast every morning at this table. Lets talk about the wall art, the calm and fitting wooden world map. Its not too flashy, it wont rob the attention from the rest of the decor, but when you notice it, you'll admire it.


Color Oak is one of the best choices for your wooden map if you want a subtle and classic look. It can fit in your living room, dining room, and many more. It's a timeless classic which can easily refresh your home.



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