🖼️August decor inspo | Wooden World Map | Wall Art
🖼️August decor inspo

🖼️August decor inspo

New month - you guessed it - new decor inspo!
in this month's lineup, you'll find 3 different rooms with different styles. Lest's get started!

Multi purpose dining room

We've talked about the diversity of dining rooms. In some cases, due to the lack of space they need to function as a living room or a social area. Certain decor elements like a wooden world map can help achieving this multi purpose.
As the room itself, the wooden map can also serve different purposes, like conversation starter when having over friends and family, or it can be spark your or your kid's imagination while eating breakfast in the morning.

The multicolor variant has a more playful vibe, also due to the multiple wooden tones, it can fit in your interior design scheme easily.

Living room "in" the nature

Well, living rooms like this can feel like you are in the nature due to the lots of plants and wooden accents.

The 2D wooden world map is amplifying the natural vibes, making it a special place for friends and family. Not to mention the exposed wooden beams with matching tones.

An inspiring kid's room

A wooden world map as wall art can inspire kid's imagination like no other.

It's constantly visible, and in a high contrast setup like this, a beautiful, handmade wooden map will always catch kid's attention, when getting in or out of bed. The natural wooden pieces will bring the nature one step closer in your home.


to choose from different colors and sizes of unique and stylish Wooden World Maps!

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