3D Wooden World Map in Terra Color in a Home Office

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All natural home office

The decor and style of your home office is very important: it has to be motivating
and inspiring. Wisely placed items like a Wooden World Map, sentimental items, will help you create the perfect vibe.

All the plants, wooden tones and a ton of natural light making this space a perfect place to work for home.

3D Wooden World Map in Oak Color in a Dining Room

Dining room in style

Dining rooms can serve as multi purpose spaces. In this case its a perfect social area, hence the owner choose this place to put her wooden map.
It ties the space together and creates an appealing look, not to mention the
matching wooden tones.

This is the place where you play board games with your family and friends.

3D Wooden World Map in Multicolor in a Dining Room

A calm living room with a twist

You don't need much to create a living room, but to create a living room where you, your family and friends will love to spend time, you'll need creativity and style.

Instead of your regular wall art - paintings, prints, etc. - having a wooden map in your living room, will add the necessary extravagance to elevate your living room above others'.


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