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🖼️September decor inspo

Welcome back for another decor inspo blog! You'll see 3 different colored wooden maps in different environments. Can you spot the odd one out? Comment below!

The crown jewel of every kid's room

Color Terra is one of our best sellers and the reason is simple. It's beautiful, versatile color makes this wooden world map easy to fit in most decor themes. This kid's room is a great example of that. The high contrast tones are simply making this corner the most popular part of the room.
A wooden world map is probably the best wall art you can get for your child,
it will spark their imagination and it also can serve educational purposes.

Natural coffee corner

It feels good to look at this corner. I have the feeling of completeness. Probably the wooden tones have a great role in creating this feeling. This is why it's so rewarding to decorate with natural items. Even more when you find matching tones just like in this case.

The light cream color of the chairs, table and different accessories alone would create a nice and cozy corner. The wooden world map ties together the whole place and enhances the natural, warm and cozy feeling of it.
It's a subtle piece, but when you notice it, you can't stop admiring it.

A wooden map with a modern approach

Color Nordik is definitely the most modern looking wooden map in our store. It has a very different, yet eye-catching design. On its own, it fits perfectly into monochrome decor themes, but if you combine this wooden map with a creative, colorful background, you'll create a whole new look.

Blue is probably the best color choice for painting the background. It not just creating a high contrast, making the map pop, but it mimics the color of the oceans.
With all the ocean names - FREE & included in every package- this combination is the way to go.

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