🛠️How to setup? | Wooden World Map | Wall Art
🛠️How to setup?

🛠️How to setup?

You might ask, OK this looks nice, but how do I assemble it?
Well, this short article focuses on the key points of assembling your Wooden World Map. Make sure to follow the instruction, included in the package.

1. Unboxing

Carefully take out the items from the box, including:
  • Wooden map pieces
  • wooden planes, ships, etc.
  • double sided tape
  • instructions
  • push pins (sold separately)

2. The perfect spot

You might already have the perfect spot in your mind. As the famous DIY saying goes: measure twice, cut once.
Make sure to measure your wall to guarantee your map will fit perfectly.

3. Measure and install the templates

Start assembling by measuring the place of the 2 corner templates. Once you're done, use your tape to attach the templates on your wall.
This is the most important step, because this will determine the final position of your wooden map.
You'll need:
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • tape to attach the template

4. Apply the double sided tape

The next step is probably the most time consuming one. You need to cut and apply the double sided tape included in the package. Follow the instructions on how and where to mount the tape on the wooden map pieces.

5. Mounting the map on your wall

This is the most exciting step. Your Wooden World Map will come alive on your wall as soon as you start mounting it.
Start by the 2 corner pieces and proceed according to the instructions.

6. Filling in the empty areas

Use the FREE wooden ship, planes and compass to fill the empty areas on your wall.

7. Enjoy and use your pins

To make the most out f your map, you can order the flag push pins. These flag pins will help you track the countries you've already visited, or, if you are not
a traveler, you can add vibrant colors to your map via the colorful flags.

Finally, admire and enjoy your new, beautiful wooden map.

Follow this 7 easy steps and have fun with your friends or family while assembling your Wooden World Map.


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