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Art draws attention and focus, gets people conversing, and creates a lasting impression if chosen well.Wall art sets the tone for a space, having the potential to make or break your décor.The right piece of wall art can impress clients and co-workers the moment they walk into your office even if its a virtual, zoom meeting.With so much riding on the right piece of wall art, choosing one for your office can be overwhelming.You want to pick the perfect piece that suits your brand and image, complements your office décor, makes a positive impact on clients, and motivates employees. We have...

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The best spots for a World Map wall art in Your Home

How to decorate your home with tasteful and classy world map wall art.

A Wooden World Map makes a great conversation pieces in your home.

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Its important to love what you do, right? We are fortunate enough, to call our job our hobby.  To show our appreciation, the first blog post is about you! From Helen: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" Brilliant, absolutely love it. Sits on the wall behind me in my study and gets a lot of comments (all good) on my work video calls. At least 2 colleagues are going to get one. It’s just perfect! "   From Jesi: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" We love it! We tend to move a lot, so we decided to mount it on a piece of thin MDF and frame it so it's...

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